Who Are We?

We have a growing number of contributors, any regulars will have a profile below so check ’em out!


An inaccurate representation of Joshua


Josh does not look at all like his photo suggests. He doesn’t have a goatee, isn’t bald, and is much more easy going than he looks. He is a big fan of Breaking Bad though! As editor of the site, he is currently typing this profile in the third person, and feels a little weird about it. Also a little hungry. Unsurprisingly two of his main passions in life are Games and Movies, though there is plenty of room for some ETC as well!

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Steve and Josh used to work in Game together, that’s how they know each other! Steve doesn’t get the luxury of writing his own profile, though if Josh gives him a chance he may contribute to it. Steve is one of the main contributors for the site, and appears on every episode of the podcast at the time of writing! From what Josh knows, Steve loves Games and Movies, has time for ETC and loves his wife and two kids. They are a lovely family!

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Peter may be one of the sharpest film critics that Josh knows. After watching a recent release, with Josh complaining about the unsatisfying ending, Peter’s comment was, “That was horribly edited.” That’s when Josh realised this guy needed to be a contributor on the site! If you aren’t totally sure whether you enjoyed a film, or whether it was well made this guy is the one to talk to! As for Games and ETC…Josh has no idea what Peter’s thoughts are!