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When I was growing up, the most consistent way I spent my weekly pocket money was to walk round the corner from my house to Movie Zone, and rent three films. They had a “3 films, 3 nights, £3” deal on movies that weren’t new releases, and I must have watched almost every movie in that place that was age appropriate. I can’t recall what my selection process was, certainly it wasn’t confined to films I hadn’t seen before, and I would have spent around half an hour deciding what to rent.

So it’s safe to say I have loved movies for a long time. On top of that, across the years I have developed a code for watching films, something I may go into in a later article, but for now know that if you want to go to the cinema with me, you better be there on time for the start of the film! That may seem elementary to you but some people…

I also have two scales for reviewing movies – quality, and entertainment value. I may be wrong about this, and it is a generalisation, but I feel the way that society is going is that critics review films by quality, and audiences by entertainment value. Of course there is crossover, and not everyone rates a film on the same criteria, but so frequently now I see a low score on Metacritic, with a higher score on IMBD. This makes sense, as a critic’s job is to critique, whereas audiences go in for the sake of entertainment. And entertainment has a lower bar of entry than to critique. Personally I like to assess a movie’s merit on both.

Having been involved in the processes of filming and editing, I can appreciate the technical side of movie making, and being a human being, I can feel the difference between fun and boredom. That is why among my favourite films of all time you can find Shawshank Redemption and Armageddon standing hand in hand. One is undeniably a near perfect (if not actually perfect) film, and the other is pure entertainment from start to finish.

My movie tastes are so wide-ranging I wouldn’t know how to begin trying to define them, so I’m not going to try! However to get some discussion going, I will say that my favourite film of all time is Kill Bill 1&2. I know I’m sort of cheating as that is two films, but there is no way I would be able to choose between the two. They both have quality and entertainment in spades (sometimes literal spades are used!), and I know many of you will laugh at me for it!

Ah well!


So tell me what your favourite film is in the comments below! And how you rate movies, if you do at all!

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