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So. I’m thinking this is going to be the hardest section to introduce. Etc…what is etc? Well I guess it’s everything that interests me that isn’t games or movies. How to give a brief overview of that without it sounding like the “personal” section of a CV/resumé…  “I enjoy socialising with my friends, listening to music, attending the local discothèque, playing sport and am a keen reader. I also did work experience at a local newspaper blah blah blah”… Yeah that’s the kind of thing I’m trying to avoid…

I suppose, as with most other humans on the planet, I have a broad range of interests. Some of these might merit some “column inches” and be worthy of your precious time; some of these would be painfully boring for you all to read about. I’ll try and keep to the former as much as possible and only pepper in the latter if/when I am in a particularly impish mood. I won’t label them as either category…we’ll call it a game. One day you’ll be reading about me going with my wife and kids to Ikea (I should clarify in this fictional scenario my “interest” is my family and not Ikea…..though Ikea hacking is quite cool……Perhaps “interest” is not the best way to refer to my beloved wife and children but….you know) and you’ll think, “Hey wait….this isn’t very interesting to me,” (again unless I’m talking about Ikea hacks….hmmm) “I don’t think I want to read th…..hey wait a minute! I see what’s happened…this is one of his uninteresting articles! Touché Steve…touché.” One point for me I guess.

I suspect I won’t do this…or will I!? Aaahhh…probably not. Anyway I imagine most of my articles that aren’t explicitly game or movie related will focus on music, books, comic books, some sport, politics (it’ll be light though don’t worry!) hacking, making, possibly some woodworking projects, prop making*, nerf modding, gadgets…and possibly some other things I can’t think of right now.

So if any or all of that sounds like it could interest you then hopefully you’ll take the time to read some of my stuff; and if not then….well check in from time to time…maybe you’ll see something that floats your boat. Or that you’d like to totally contradict/challenge me on. I welcome both.



*I’m very seriously considering having a go at an R2D2 build that might span several of these “interests.”

Stephen Harris


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