RANT – Where Are All the Games!?

No I am not talking about the Nintendo Switch release schedule, which is actually much healthier than people think! What I am talking about is gaming articles on the website! Technically there are two, but they’re both just introductory thoughts from Steve and me! So technically we haven’t talked about any actual games, we’ve only discussed the concept of games!

To be fair, one thing that really bothers me is when I tell people about the site, Games, Movies, ETC, a frequent response is, “Oh…I’m not really that into games.” My inner response which doesn’t come exploding out of me is – “It’s Games, Movies, ETC! Did you literally only listen to the first word I said!?” Ok, to be fair, my feelings aren’t as angry as that, it’s more frustration, and has been a real eye opener for me about how people view things. As Games is the first word, it seems that’s what they think the whole site is about!

How ironic then that we haven’t managed to write any games specific articles! I certainly have at least one planned, (and it could end up being a rant too!), but so far the output has mainly been…ETC!? How!? Other than my faith in God, games and movies are my two biggest passions! They are the things I talk about the most, the things that take up most of my free time, the things…I ┬ákeep calling them things. Two of my biggest passions and I keep calling them things.

Sometimes your favourite things collide! It was definitely a collision…

Agh! I’ve just realised that this rant is going to go into the ETC category too! This article is about the content of the website as opposed to games themselves! In expressing my frustration about the problem I’ve actually added to it!!!

Well there’s only one thing I can do about that! Start writing articles about games!

Sigh…it feels like the rant is over… Does that mean I have to start a new article to continue my thoughts? Ah, forget it! I’ll keep going!


Running the website has been an absolute joy! Discovering the mechanics of putting the site together, giving the relevant people email addresses, writing, receiving and editing articles, engaging people on Twitter, and trying to figure out how all the podcasting stuff works has been such a pleasure. There certainly have been frustrations along the way, (I’m looking at you Mr Podcast), but overall I have put so much more time into it than I expected, and I genuinely don’t begrudge it! I can see why people do this for a living rather than as just a hobby.

Of course not everyone gets to just write about whatever they want; especially being able to categorise content as a “rant”. That’s one benefit to starting your own site rather than writing for another. Also to have the outlet for writing, something with purpose, even if the audience is still small, is so rewarding and satisfying. There’s bound to be something therapeutic in it too, I just haven’t done it enough or thought about it enough to define it.

Now that I think about it, it’s also interesting to consider who you are writing for. Up to this point in this article I haven’t really thought about it! In some ways it’s an apology to those who may have come looking for games talk. But to be honest, it’s to justify it to myself and spur myself on, to then create content that is for other people. It’s an article because I want you all to be clued in to what’s happing behind the scenes.

Maybe you can relate to all this; perhaps you’ve had a similar experience. For me, I’m just enjoying typing out my thoughts and working through it all. If no-one ever reads this article, I don’t think I’ll be that bothered. If someone does, I’ll probably not know about it! If someone reaches out to me having read it, well that would be just swell! I’m happy with that thought, and really do hope it happens.

Well, as you’ve been short changed in Games articles, you’ve also been short changed in terms of a rant! Sure this started out rantful, but now it’s just some lovely thoughts about running a website! You know what, it was just fun to get back to some writing and not just editing the website! Have a happy day everyone!

Oh and if you want to write some Games articles to help us out, (or movies or etc!), do get in touch at info@gamesmoviesetc.com!

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