Mallorca Cinema Trip 1 – IT

Having moved to Mallorca (yea that happened!), one of my biggest concerns was – what happens when the next big movie comes out that I really want to see? My Spanish is still in it’s infancy, and therefore the only way I was going to enjoy new releases was if I could find a cinema that had them in English. Fortunately I was able to find exactly that…the cinema experience itself on the other hand…


Just before I moved, the hype train for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT was at high speed, and I hadn’t realised how close its release was! It was nowhere near Halloween so surely it wasn’t due any time soon? Alas, it was, and so within my first week or two of arriving I was googling the best way possible to watch this movie. This led me to discover V.O.S.E screenings – “Version Original Subtitulada en Español.” You don’t need to understand Spanish to translate what that means! Although I usually find subtitle distracting (in a movie where I don’t need them), this was my only option so off I went.


At the moment I don’t think it is fair to reveal which cinemas I see the movies, as I don’t want to give them bad reputations based solely on one experience, especially as some of my complaints relate more to the patrons!  Anyway, on arriving at the cinema (apparently way to early), I bought my cinema ticket and sat in the hall outside the screen, and this is where I encountered my first problem – the screens are really not soundproofed very well. Therefore I could hear screams and muffled dialogue coming form the previous showing of the very film I was there to see, and my brain screamed at me, “Spoiler Alert!!!” This led to me moving round the corner, and hearing the cheerful sounds of a kids film in another screen. This I could live with, as I was never going to see…whatever substandard kids film it was…it definitely wasn’t something good like a Pixar film!


Once I saw people leaving the cinema I wandered in to the screen to enjoy the end credits from the previous showing, making sure not to read anything that could lead to spoilers. You’re really getting an insight into how my mind works aren’t you? Though having seen mother! recently a single character in the end credits could count as a spoiler, never mind the names of the characters which definitely were! I then made friends with another lone attendee so we sat and chatted about what was coming up that we wanted to see in English (Blade Runner 2049) and it was starting to seem like it could be a good cinema experience! Well it was and it wasn’t…I’ll start with the negative.


The cinema was still practically empty in the 5 minutes coming up to the start of the film, and even before I had made my new friend I had thought, cool, private screening! Making a friend was cool, especially as he was early, but the constant stream of audience members for the next 25 minutes was definitely not cool! Chatting as they came in, shining torches (real ones and on phones), it’s been a long time since I had such a bad experience of people arriving late, and I really started to worry it was the culture out here! The worst offenders were those who arrived a hour (!) into the movie, watched about 20 minutes and then just left again! I was expecting walkouts in mother! but not in IT!


Were these girls the worst offenders? You know what? They weren’t! The worst was definitely the three people, about four rows from the front taking SELFIE’S WITH A FLASH!!!! For the last, I don’t know, half an hour, they were talking selfie’s about every five minutes! I was going to try and consider why, but my brain melted even trying to get into their frame of mind! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a horrific breaking of the wittertainment code of conduct in my life, and there were no ushers to do anything about it! I’m just going to take a moment to calm down…


The fact that I really enjoyed my cinema trip is a testament to just how much I enjoyed IT. I’m not going to do a full review here, but I left the cinema in really high spirit in spite of all of the negative aspects of the experience. My cousin’s were all terrorised by Tim Curry in their childhoods, an experience I sadly missed out on. When I finally watched the original IT I was too old for it to scare me. The same is true of this version too; I was never really scared watching it, but I empathised with the characters as all their fears were faced. The movie was one of the most enjoyable I have seen in a long time, and thanks to that, my first cinema trip in Mallorca was one to remember with fondness.

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