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I don’t even know what this article is supposed to be! What do I like that isn’t Games or Movies?? Uh…lots of stuff? That picture is helping; I love spaghetti! Spaghetti Bolognese with lots and lots of grated cheese…Does that cover ETC!?

Oh music! I love music! My favourite band is the best band in the world – Muse – but I have quite an eclectic taste in music, something I inherited from my Dad. If my music library is on shuffle, you literally don’t know what you are going to get! Dance music hasn’t been as good since the late 90’s/very early 2000’s. Pop music…sigh… Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters in the world (bye loads of people :s). Also, I play drums! If you really want to get into the physicality of music, drums is the way to go! Dancing/head-banging with a guitar pales in comparison to flailing all four limbs and smashing the skins/cymbals. I’m going to get off music in case my popular opinions lose us more readers!

Speaking of readers, I used to love reading, and as I type that I realise it is actually quite a sad sentiment! I’ve found as I’ve gotten older it’s harder for a book to really grip me, and it needs to if I am going to keep reading. I don’t know if that is because visual media is so much easier to ingest, or whether I’m just broken, but it takes a lot to get me hooked these days. I used to love Tom Clancy thrillers; the Jack Ryan series was a staple of a family holiday, but I’ve started reading Without Remorse at least twice and I don’t know why I’ve lost the stamina for it.

I, like many other people, devoured the Harry Potter books. But…was that just because they were kids books!? And I don’t mean that as any comment on their quality, but their readability was targeted at kids, so was that why they were so easy for me to read? The story was certainly gripping. However that’s also true of Dan Brown’s terribly written books! The Da Vinci Code was a real page turner, regardless of the quality of the writing, so maybe it is simply that I haven’t found a story that has piqued my interest enough in recent times.

I’m going to end this horrifically disjointed and rambling article with skiing/snowboarding. A week on the slopes is literally the best holiday you can have – activity with friends, whether new or established, during the day, and chilling out in a hotel (including the spa) in the evening. Absolutely perfect! I’d recommend that everybody who is able¬†should give skiing a go. Have a few lessons before you go out, then rip around the slopes and tell me there wasn’t a massive smile/terrified expression on your face! Either way the adrenaline gets pumping and you have an amazing time! Or you can take it more casually, it’s up to you!

Skiing is awesome, don’t let arrogant ‘boarders tell you otherwise, and snowboarders can be lovely people, don’t let skiers tell you otherwise! I can’t choose which is better, which is why I do both every time. I adore skiing, and am comfortable on any terrain, whereas with snowboarding I love the challenge and style of it. The most fun I have had however, is going over those massive jumps in the snow park on my skis. It was absolutely exhilarating, and I should have been doing that all week!

Oh also, Breaking Bad is the best TV drama ever made!

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